Teach. Train. Inspire.

Protege Basketball

Teach. Train. Inspire.


Protege Collegiate Athletes

where you come to improve your game.

Learning never stops, and understanding is key. You will learn what you are doing and how it impacts you as a player through game simulated drills.  Each session is designed to improve both you physical and mental approach. Protege Basketball is where you need to be.


One-On-One and Group Training Sessions

With over 15 years of training, we have seen it all at Protege. If you are in need of one-on-one training you have come to the right place. Each session is based on specific skills that relate to you the player. Finding resources online is easy, but finding someone who can help you improve your game the right way is hard. We understand the process and will help you get there. If you have a group we offer group sessions as well.

Coach Dockery Summer League Training


Robert Covington Basketball Camp

Strive for Greatness

Success starts within. An average work ethic only yields average results. Strive to be great! This is the motto we instill in every client no matter the age. It starts with your mental approach to training. You have to be mentally tough, which takes will and desire. We believe that if we teach you how to properly work and prepare, as well as train in you the  mindset of greatness, we will inspire not only the current generation but the next generation of basketball elite.

Why Choose Protege?

A professional team with experience playing and coaching the game of basketball

Together we will create a tailored plan designed to help you succeed.

Increase your strength, endurance and agility as a player.

Take advantage of game simulated drills to improve skills and decision making.

Maximize your focus and mental preparation to the game.

We provide structured and effective group training for youth and adults.

No Fluff. Game simulated drills and situations.

Teach. Train. Inspire.

Protege Basketball

Teach. Train. Inspire.