The Protege Basketball Team

Teach. Train. Inspire.

“The goal is to be a complete player. Improving your entire game is the only focus.”

The Protege Team

A team of few, but the knowledge and experience to improve your game as a player both on and off the court. We will not waste your time with drills that look good but render ineffective in a game situation. However, we take advantage of game simulated drills to improve skills and decision making. At the core of our training is building on the fundamentals. We utilize a “stacking” approach that allows a player to grow on both ends of the floor. As former players and coaches, being able to stop a player is equally as important as scoring a basket. Rest assure we won’t bore you with philosophies and drill after drill, but we will challenge you as a player each session.

Our Skills Trainers

Protege Basketball Trainers

Coach Green, Skills Trainer

  • B.S. in Sports and Recreation
  • 15 Plus Years of Coaching/Training
  • Varsity Basketball Coach
  • Elementary Basketball Coach

Coach Dockery, Skills Trainer

  • NCAA Point-Guard
  • High School Basketball Coach
  • Elementary Basketball Coach

A Team that has played the game, coached the game, and continues to study the game.

The Mental Grind

Becoming mentally tough is embed in our philosophy as trainers. Withstanding runs, wins and losses, is a part of the game. So our goal is to equip you with the mindset to achieve success despite the current situation. We are building mental warriors ready to handle the task before them.

The Physical Grind

Kevin Durant said it best in an interview- “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” We believe this is true in all aspects of life. Having the physical capacity to compete is at the core of every training session. Outworking the person across from you can level the playing field. We instill this in every player we train.

Below are a two sample workouts. Click to view the video.