Game Related Training

Skills That Translate To Your On Court Play.

Player Development

The game is growing rapidly, thus making the competition tougher. Each player is challenge mentally more than ever before with social media playing a role in today’s game. Everyone wants to look good on film, and with hard work you can. We will NEVER work on anything that does not translate to you as a player.

It is not about us, it is about the player(s) in our program. Never to knock any program, because each trainer appeals to a select caliber of players. If cool drills that garner social media followers is what you seek Protege is not for you. What we can do is help you grow as a player but it takes trust and commitment. Every cognitive and physical test we put you through is directly related to making you successful. 

No Fluff. Game simulated drills and situations.

Skill based training for youth and adults.

Being successful on the court starts with confidence. Confidence to know that you have what it takes to compete at a high level is paramount. Without it you already lost. We understand confidence can waver and is directly related to inconsistent play. Consistency is key to sustain success. Having the skillset to compete is where we can help. We will assess your skill level and develop a comprehensive roadmap to improve your skill as a player. 

“Consistency Is Key…”

Our Training Sessions

One-On-One Training Sessions

Each individual training session is tailored to improve specific parts of your game.  Individual training is very detailed, game/position related drills and simulations. Improving your approach to the game, agility, ball-handling, shooting. are just some of skills we can attack during one-on-one training. 

Group/Team Training Sessions

Need group training? Have a team you want to improve? We can help. Our group/team training is great for youth teams, AAU and collegiate. We will keep fun and at the same time challenge your players no matter the level to get the results on the court. 

Teach. Train. Inspire.

Protege Basketball

Teach. Train. Inspire.